Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Powerful brand = Instant recognition.

When a brand is first introduced, it helps to have a full compliment of descriptors, taglines and other amplifiers. If the company carefully excercises the brand name with its logo or service mark at every appropriate opportunity, and if the usage is clear and consistent—eventually a power brand can be instantly recognized without its name.

Apple®, for example, has allowed their brand to evolve. Beginning very colorfully, the first Apple logo contained a rainbow. Then the Apple took on the single bright colors of the highly successful iMac®. Lately the brand has relinquished all color. Instead, the logo has become simply transparent, translucent or smartly metallic on the new Apple products.

In other words, great brands don’t have to shout. To identify Coca-Cola, all a consumer needs if the bottle shape, or just a fragment of the logotype. With Nike® all you need is “the swoosh” to be reminded of the entire brand.

Doing a clever logo on a piece of paper has nothing to do with designing a corporate identity. You are picking the clothing for someone else and they have to wear it. You have to get inside that company. If you don’t do that, you’re irresponsible.

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