Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where do we go from here?

No brand can rest on its laurels. Ask 3M, IKEA®, American Express®. They know the importance of repetition, consistency and authenticity. They understand the importance of style manuals and strict trademark observance.

At the same time, no brand can simply tread water. It must evolve and grow to live.

A good example: Target®, a company that never forgets its promise: “Expect More. Pay Less.” Target continuously reinvents its brand with additions like affordable designer lines, easy gift registry, unique gift cards, even groceries–all to stay current with customer needs.

The work of branding never stops for anyone.

A brand rebirth.
A&W food service of Canada Inc. has taken their restaurants back to their 1950s roots with the original orange and brown color scheme, the original root beer, burgers and onion rings that made A&W a hit with baby boomers who now flock back for special classic car nostalgia nights.

Maybe you’re not a Target. Or an Apple. Or the U.S. Marines. Doesn’t mean you can’t have the same power behind your brand.

All you need is the right design team. Some input. And the courage to believe whole-heartedly in your vision.

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